Types of Teeth Implants

One tooth on implant

The procedure is planned based on the x-rays and previous examination. The implant is inserted in the place where the original tooth is missing.

After the healing process which can last 3 to 6 months, we take the tooth imprint which is the base for the crown of the new tooth.

Bonded bridge on implants

If the patient lacks 3 teeth, the best solution is a bridge that will have several bases.

After the examination and planning of the procedure, implants are placed.

After the healing process, which lasts for several months, the imprint is taken which is the base for the bridge that will replace the teeth.

Semicircular bridge on implants

For people who are missing more teeth, the best solution is the semicircular bridge on implants. Depending on the condition of the jaw bone and its structure, we determine the examination and planning of the procedure and insert the implant.

After the healing process which lasts for several months, we take the imprint which is the base for the bridge which will replace lost teeth.

If the implant has the necessary stability, the patient can also wear the temporary bridge during healing.

After the procedure, the new teeth look perfect and the treated patient has the feeling of natural teeth.

Vlatko Lovrinić, DMD


Vlatko Lovrinić, DMD, is our specialist in oral surgery. He was born in Zagreb in 1979, graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Zagreb in 2004, and he completed the specialist examination in oral surgery in 2009. He stayed on several occasions at universities in the US (Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland; Loma Linda University, California), where he became well acquainted with the program, achievements and work of these prestigious centers. He regularly participates in numerous congresses and professional lectures in dental implantology and oral surgery. It is a professional and private pleasure to work and spend time with Dr. Lovrinić, and you can be sure you are always in the right hands!

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