Only the best. In one place

The most up-to-date equipment available to you is our imperative. That's why we introduced RVG into our diagnostic system, a radiovisiography device that takes an image with a digital sensor with immediate display on the computer screen instead on a classic negative film.

So we offer a complete service, RVG imaging of one or more teeth, in one place and without having to go to specialized institutions.

RVG device provides more precise diagnostics and more detailed insight, and because of its extremely low exposure time it protects the patient from the exposure to negative radiation, which is an advantage over the classic radiography. Therefore, this method of diagnostics is accepted as the best. There is no major exposure, with computer processing that instantly provides a clearer and more accurate image, better diagnostics and ultimately better treatment.

After imaging, the image is instantly displayed on the screen and, in consultation with you, we can accurately detect the potential problem and explain to you in great detail further necessary procedures and do everything needed to achieve a perfectly healthy condition of teeth and gums

Images can also be given on a digital medium or, if necessary, sent via email.