Fixed appliances

Fixed appliances are the most common and most effective method of smoothing teeth, i.e. correcting orthodontic anomalies.

The fixed appliance consists of small brackets that are glued to your teeth at the front, and are connected with a wire all the way.

Once they are applied to your teeth, they cannot be removed until the end of the treatment, and the wires are changed during the treatment from thinner to thicker.

The wire is used to create tension that pulls the teeth in the given direction on the basis of the treatment plan and over time places them in the desired plane and properly shaped tooth arch.

Brackets today meet high aesthetic criteria so they are barely noticeable.

With the development of new materials and techniques, fixed appliances have become much more comfortable to wear, and the number of checkups at the orthodontist needed during the treatment has also decreased.

The best period for orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances in children is from 12 to 14 years, and in exceptional cases even earlier.

Today, there is an increasing number of adult patients who opt for orthodontic treatment with a fixed appliance to create good foundations for further prosthetic or implant reconstruction.

Patients doing orthodontic treatment also use corrective jaw surgery.

With fixed appliances, there is also Invisalign, an innovative, transparent appliance that straightens your teeth.

Another solution is orthognathic surgery where by moving one and/or both jaws we get wonderful results, both functional and aesthetic. There is no age limit for patients for this method.

Fixed appliances are synonymous with orthodontics and have been giving excellent results for decades, creating beautiful smiles.

The treatment is very individual, depending on your specific needs. On average, the expected duration of the treatment is up to two years, and you can find out more about the treatment adapted to you in individual consultations at our polyclinic.

Andrijana Kovačić, MSc., orthodontic specialist


Dr. Kovačić, orthodontist, takes care for the perfect smile of our patients
She graduated from dental prosthetics and specialized in orthodontics at the University of Zagreb, and many will recognize her from their visits to the Zagreb West Health Center where she worked as head of the department of dental health care. She is now our head and an extremely pleasant associate.

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