Facial aesthetics

With our lifestyle, the impact of weather conditions, pollution and the effects of stress, the structure of our skin is gradually becoming damaged. Small wrinkles appear on the face, which over time become more pronounced and transform into furrows.

Characteristic facial features change, the face loses strength and definition. Young skin is elastic, shiny and smooth thanks to collagen, elastin, water and the ingredient naturally found in the body – hyaluronic acid. With age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, causing weaker hydration of the skin and consequently the formation of wrinkles.

In our polyclinic we use the Juvéderm range of products. It is the leading Swiss innovator in the field of new generation injection dermal fillers and one of the fastest growing companies in the field of aesthetic dermatology, providing perfect natural and long-lasting results.

These products are developed from hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in the body, therefore they are biocompatible and represent a safe and effective solution for:


  • Smoothing surface lines and correcting deep wrinkles and furrows
  • Highlighting lip contours and increasing their volume
  • Shaping facial contours
  • Restoring the former face volume and rehydrating the skin

Simple and completely non-invasive – by injecting intradermal injections into the desired areas: wrinkles on the face and forehead, cheeks, lips, scars ... in 30 minutes, natural and painless and without extended recovery, you will immediately see the difference that will last 12 to 18 months.

Juvéderm® fillers with anesthetic additives that provide a more comfortable feel to the application in particularly sensitive areas are a novelty in the market.

If it seems to you that the combination of fatigue, stress and time has left visible signs on your face that you do not like, prepare additional questions that you are interested in and contact us for a detailed examination and counseling.

Irijana Rajković, MD


Irijana Rajković, MD, is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. She is the first and only Croatian doctor to teach at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Her qualifications and the results of her work have been well-known throughout the world, so we could endlessly list her accomplishments, but we will only say that we are exceptionally proud that she is our expert associate and part of our medical team.

More about Dr. Irijana: www.dr-rajkovic.hr

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