All gentleness and attention is there for you.

As one of the leading polyclinics in the South-East Europe specializing in dental medicine and esthetic face care, the NIVEUS DENTAL ESTETIC CENTER Polyclinic is here to provide all the gentleness and attention you deserve. Welcome to your new home of beauty and healthy life.

Niveus Dental Estetic Center

The rich multi-generational experience of the Slade – Knežević family guarantees the quality of the service we provide, and the constant progress which follows the latest dental medicine and face care standards makes us the top choice polyclinic in Zagreb.

Our vision is focused on gentleness and a complete devotion in dealing with patients – that’s how we got our name NIVEUS and a visual expression of the flower through which we highlight our specialty.

This means that you will feel relaxed, special and happy at our polyclinic, from the moment you visit our premises until the moment you confidently trust yourself in new victories.

For our most valued criterion is the satisfaction of our clients, who motivate us with every visit and encourage us to strive for perfection.

Our core values are:

  • providing excellent dental medicine services
  • paving a painless and fearless way towards beautiful and healthy teeth
  • qualified staff
  • constant professional and scientific progress
  • top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology
  • we make the patient’s stay as pleasant as possible
  • family tradition


The fundamental characteristic of our work is changing people’s lives for the better.

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Our team

Iva Slade Knežević
dr. med. dent.

Andrej Knežević

Klara Radman

Irijana Rajković
dr. med., specializing in plastic, reconstructive
and esthetic surgery

Vlatko Lovrinić
dr. med. dent.
specializing in oral surgery

Zrinka Boberić
dr. med. dent.

Vanesa Derzič
dental assistant

Nenad Klasić, spec. in oral surgery

Anamarija Divić
dental assistant

Marija Mustapić
dental assistant